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Daytime and Evening Meditations

  • Get rid of sleep problems
  • Learn how to quiet your thoughts
  • Easy meditation using love
  • Move out of your head and into your heart
  • Deep breathe and surrender
  • Clear your subconscious
  • Start to heal your inner child
  • Get into a higher state of consciousness
  • Feel safe in the warmth of the Divine
  • Free yourself from feeling lonely

Use Tapping & meditation to fall asleep in the arms of God and stay sleeping. Reduce worry and anxiety. Includes chants.

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Tools for getting out of a triggered state

  • Learn techniques to get control of PTSD
  • Teach your body to fall and stay asleep
  • Learn how to fall back asleep during the night
  • Release anxiety and become worry free
  • Learn tools to release anger and frustration
  • Release triggers that overwhelm you

Combine Tapping/EFT with specific breathing techniques and affirmations you can use anytime.

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Daytime and Evening Meditations

  • Surrender intentions to the Divine
  • Get out of your own way
  • Release blocks in your subconscious
  • Stop attracting lack by wanting
  • Create a higher state of consciousness
  • Using love as a bridge to abundance
  • Align with the force that created the universe
  • Turn your dreams into reality

CombineTapping/EFT with Quantum Love Based Mediation*

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For Peak Performance

  • Get an energetic high on life
  • Increase feel good brain chemicals
  • Produce an endorphin runners high
  • Get in the Zone
  • Supercharge affirmations into your body
  • Recharge after a stressful day

Learn how to get into the Zone to start your day, before meetings, and for peak performance in only 12 minutes

A person is flying through the air with rays of light coming from their hands.

The Quantum Mind

Interviews & Ground Breaking Research

  • Proof that prayer and meditation work
  • Proof consciousness is beyond time & space
  • Discussion about life after death research
  • Conversation about our capabilities being beyond what we think is possible
  • Exploring consciousness beyond the laws of nature

Listen to inspirations interviews from Coast to Coast Am and other radio shows.