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By Releasing Subconscious Blocks

Offered live in person and on Zoom


Psychologist, Speaker, Quantum Therapist, and Tapping Guru

“What you are saying should be on the front page of every news outlet. Your published research proves that we can reduce crime rates, auto accidents and even suicides by the power of our thoughts.”

~Art Bell Talk Show Host Coast to Coast Am - Quoted from live show

Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams is a groundbreaking seminar. Dr. Landrith has developed 4 effective and unique tapping techniques that actually work. When these techniques are combined with his other modalities they transform lives and create permanent change. He helps people clear out the blocks that have been holding them back for years, and guides them into the QUANTUM LOVE FLOW where miracles take place. For the last 3 decades he has taught over 65,000 people all over the US, how to manifest the life of their dreams in this seminar.

"Thank you for speaking here at the Law of Attraction Conference! Your evaluations were very high, and they especially appreciated that you shared tools with them to help them expand their consciousness.”

~ Kristie Holmes of the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E).

Imagine Releasing the Negative Programs That Are Running Your Life

It used to be popular belief that setting an intention and using positive thoughts was all it took to manifest, unfortunately, it didn’t and doesn’t always work for everyone. In this seminar Dr. Landrith explains why this method was hit or miss, and teaches you what it really takes to create the life you want.

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What if You Cleared All the Blocks That Get in Your Way?

Dr. Landirith teaches how the hidden doubts in the subconscious mind are creating negative scripts and programs that show up in your life as worry, fear, procrastination and a lack of confidence. These unconscious programs, that you are not aware of, are interfering with your success and happiness.

What if You Constantly Lived in a Higher State of Consciousness?

Once Dr. Landrith guides you into a higher state of consciousness, he teaches how to surrender and get rid of unwanted blocks that are holding everyone back. By using his unique method of Quantum meditation based on love and a combination of different techniques, such as EFT, Ho-oponono, Heart Math, Prenatal Re-imprinting and Inner Child Work, he teaches how to restructure the brain matrix and create new brain pathways.

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Dr. Landrith’s research on group meditation back in 1984, which was cited in the movie “What The Bleep,” proved that one's thoughts can create and change the world around them. The group that meditated together literally reduced the crime rate in Washington DC by over 23%.


Consider this Seminar If….

You want to free yourself from a worrying all the time

You suffer from PTSD and trauma

You feel depressed and life has lost it's meaning

It's time you get over the fear that holds you back from doing what you want

You have a desire to control things because of your anxiety

You don't feel safe in different scenarios

Chronic anxiety or depression is ruling your life

It's time to stop overreacting to little things and being triggered

You can't achieve your goals due to procrastination


Once You Tap Into the Love Flow, Life Only Gets Better

1. Transform obstacles into opportunities

2. Dump the old scripts and self sabotage

3. Upgrade your brain matrix and create a brand new you

4. Attract the future you’ve been waiting for

5. Create the life of your dreams

6. Attract the soulmate you’ve been dreaming about

Become the Person You Were Meant to Be