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Manifest Miracles


Manifest Miracles

Dr. Landrith’s research was cited in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know.”


Learn how to release unconscious patterns that are keeping you in a rut and create a higher state of consciousness full of abundance and love. Change your brain pathways
and then create radical shifts in your life.

GET IN THE ZONE...Learn techniques to 'Tap Into Bliss' similar to a 'runner's high', so you can thrive living in 'Peak Performance'

Live Life Without Limits


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Private Coaching

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In Person Upcoming Events

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Zoom Workshops

I have interviewed thousands of people in my career, and you are really the only one who has keyed into the idea of Subconscious blocks and how they hold us back from higher states of consciousness You bring an energy to this show that is quite profound.... It is remarkable what you are doing!"

~ George Noory, Talk Show Host Coast to Coast Am (Over 3 Million Listeners) 

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Dr Landrith uses love instead of intentions as his primary technique to create more abundance and love. He guides us into a higher state of consciousness to clear subconscious blocks and doubts in our brain matrix.Some of the tools include: Love Based Meditation (easy to do), Inner Child Healing (for subconscious), Quantum EFT (includes 5 unique types of Tapping) Pre-Natal Imprinting (Clearing trauma in womb, and for Premi Babies, adoptions etc.), HeartMath, and more. Create your dreams by connecting with the same force that created this universe.


Dr. Landrith was among the first to prove that our inner consciousness was connected to the outside world.

His published groundbreaking research in 1982 proved that groups of Transcendental Meditators actually reduced crime, car accidents, and even suicides in the cities they lived in.

His work has been published in numerous scientific journals. He’s spent over 40 years helping people overcome PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, worrying and other limiting thoughts, confidence issues, enhancing sales and manifesting dreams! He is also skilled at teaching performers and athletes how to achieve peak performance and helped thousands attract and enhance love relationships!


Dr Landrith’s presentations at Maine General Hospital at the Health and Wellness Center were extremely well received. We’re so fortunate to have him come to Maine General with his innovative and visionary work. Furthermore, I can attest that Dr Landrith is one of the best psychologists that I have ever encountered.

Peter Alfond; Board of Directors; Maine General Hospital Peter Alfond Healthy Living Center

Thank you for speaking here at the Law of Attraction Conference! People really seemed to enjoy their time here. Your evaluations were very high and they especially appreciated that you shared tools with them to help them expand their consciousness.

-Kristie Holmes of the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E)

I have interviewed thousands of people in my career, and you are really the only one who has keyed into the idea of blocks and how they hold us back from higher states of consciousness. Let me tell you that you have done a remarkable job on the show. You have a grasp and understanding of this that is really refreshing. It is remarkable what you are doing. You are invited back any time you want.

George Noory, Talk Show Host Coast to Coast AM - Quoted from live show

What you are saying should be on the front page of every newspaper. This is gigantic news! Your published research proves that we can reduce the crime rates, auto accidents and even suicides by the power of our thoughts. This is truly remarkable, and the implications of your research are truly incredible. Even though this seems like it is on the edge, there is something to all this and I think Dr Landrith is right on the mark.

Art Bell Talk Show Host Coast to Coast Am - Quoted from live show

EmPower Music and Arts has used Dr Landrith to present at our yearly Positive Music Festival on multiple occasions both as a keynote and a workshop presenter. He not only gives an incredibly inspiring keynote but combines his knowledge of quantum physics with practical, hands-on techniques to assist artists on how to get in the zone before a performance, how to reduce performance anxiety and how to release song writing blocks. He was well received at our event and numerous artists worked with him to reduce their performance blocks etc.

Richard Mekdeci Singer/Songwriter Co-Founder and CEO, EmPower Music & Arts

Dear Garland, Thank you, thank you for your presentation to the IONS Tucson Community Group. What a great success for Ions Tucson and for you!! I have had incredible feedback from both these events. And more importantly they loved the tools you shared with them to help them on their journey. There is such a need for the information you presented in our society today–people are really searching for ways to go deeper and find new ways of looking at beliefs and desires and their impact on us. We very much appreciated your time and energy in presenting such informative

Sincerely, Susan H. Cooper Community Group Coordinator and Jeanette LoCurto
IONS Tucson speakers/workshops committee