These are the 3 Seminars we offer on Zoom and Live In Person.
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Manifest your Dreams' using Quantum EFT. The good news is that the same force that created the whole universe lies within us. However, to tap into this force, we have to learn how to get rid of the blocks (including ones that are in our subconscious), which hold us back. Work with Dr. Landrith as he easily guides you into a higher state of consciousness by using a unique combination of key techniques, such as EFT/Tapping (5 distinctly different types), A Love based meditation (very easy to do), and very specific Inner Child Work (accessing subconscious). By releasing these blocks, including some you may not be aware of, your life will be transformed. You will also learn to 'Get into the Zone' in just 10 minutes which will enable you to be in Peak Performance. You will feel high on life similar to a runner's high. This higher state of consciousness will then help you tune into the same force that created the universe. and help you create a life full of abundance and love. Over the past three decades over 65,000 have personally attended this seminar.




Say Goodbye to depression, anxiety/worry, stress and PTSD. Research has found that over 40% of us suffer from these life challenging emotions. Yet hundreds of studies have found that many of these emotions come from early childhood because we did not get the love we needed. Even things like being left crying in the crib or lack of hugs and kisses, etc., all contribute to worrying and depression during our adult years. That is because during our childhood our brains are being developed, and so this old brain matrix then creates realities for us later on in life. The good news is that over 65 published studies have found that EFT is 43% more effective than traditional treatments at treating all these problems. Dr Landrith not only uses EFT but also many other modalities including a love-based meditation and unique inner child work, to help create new brain pathways. He first teaches you how to calm the brain and tone down the stress and anxiety. Dr. Landrith then uses love to get into a higher state of consciousness, so you are in a cosmic flow, full of peace and joy. His unique techniques that will also increase the feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain such as endorphins etc., so you feel full of bliss. The best part of this class is that you will learn tools that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life.


Nationwide stats show that over 46% of us are overweight and almost 30% overeat to manage stress, worry, depression, loneliness etc. The problem with overeating is that it makes us feel even more stressed when we gain weight. However, the biggest barrier to weight loss is Stress itself, including things like worry, depression etc. That is because it causes a flood of stress hormones including cortisol which cause us to gain weight by increasing insulin, blood sugar and cravings etc. In fact, you can be on a great diet and STILL GAIN WEIGHT if your cortisol is stimulated by worry and stress. The trick to losing weight then is to dump the stress and then diets will work.So, as you would expect, 25 studies on EFT/tapping found significant reductions in weight loss. More importantly EFT also dramatically reduced cortisol and stress hormones by over 43% with just a one treatment. As remarkable as it sounds, the weight loss continued for over a year after the studies were completed. This is unique because most people gain their weight back after a weight loss program is over. Studies have found that a good part of the actual cause of stress is lack of love from childhood (crying in the crib, lack of hugs and kisses, etc.). By combining EFT with other modalities, Dr landrith will help you clear out this old stress by creating a whole new brain matrix that is full of abundance and love. That way, the need to overeat is gone and we find that our diet starts to work, so we can become the person we always wanted to be.