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Psychologist, Speaker, Quantum Therapist, and Tapping Guru

Enhance the power of tapping by tapping 3 times a week with a group of like-minded individuals.

Receive guidance and support, while learning tools and techniques to make your life easier.

Come regenerate and reset with Dr.Landrith on Zoom.

Daily Quantum tapping sessions are held three times a week in Zoom. With a monthly

membership fee of only $30.00, participants can engage in these sessions three times a week.

Attend as often as you wish; your participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Sessions vary and will include individual healings.

"Thank you for speaking here at the Law of Attraction Conference! Your evaluations were very high, and they especially appreciated that you shared tools with them to help them expand their consciousness.”

~ Kristie Holmes of the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E).

Expanding your consciousness in a group activates the fundamental creative forces of the whole universe Programs That Are Running Your Life

When we come together in a group to meditate, manifest, and share energy techniques, magical things happen. Also, witnessing others achievements helps create a mindset that we too can accomplish better results.

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Sharing frequencies, expands our individual consciousnesses so we are more connected with Source

Dr Landrith’s published research proved the power of the group effect, by showing that groups of people meditating lowered the crime rates in the city they lived in. In addition, even auto accidents and even suicides were significantly reduced. This proved it was not just an aberration, in other words, our inner consciousness is connected to the same force that created the outside world.


By joining the weekly zoom meetings you will be building a like minded community and helping create a new collective consciousness for the world. You’ll also have a chance to be worked on Individually and as a group. Dr. Landrith will use half The session time to work with the group as a whole and the half he will be working on individuals.

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Dr. Landrith’s research on group meditation back in 1984, which was cited in the movie “What The Bleep,” proved that one's thoughts can create and change the world around them. The group that meditated together literally reduced the crime rate in Washington DC by over 23%.