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Dr. Landrith will show you how to get our of your own way so you can manifest the life you want, discovering unhealthy thought patterns you may not even know exist. He can help you clear out PTSD in just a few sessions and other unconscious blocks that keep you stuck without your knowledge. He will guide you into the LOVE FLOW by showing you simple techniques you can use the rest of your life, so you can let go and create miracles. Believe it or not, it works!

“I can attest that Dr Landrith is one of the best psychologists that I have ever encountered. I had the pleasure to attend both private sessions and his amazing workshop on Manifesting Your Dreams and both were life transforming.”

~Peter Alfond; Board of Directors; Maine General Hospital

You Deserve to Live a Happy Life

Dr. Landrith will help you heal childhood wounds and teach you techniques to become trigger-free so you can release those consuming personal blocks. He will help you identify and reframe negative thought patterns that may be stopping you from living your best life, so you can change transform your old negative “scripts” into positive ones. He will assist you in removing the triggers that set you off into a negative downward spiral and help and let go of the past. Through his expertise and unique way of using a combination of key techniques, such as EFT, The Love Flow, Ho’ oponono, Heart Math, and very specific Inner Child Work, you will be on your way to transforming your thoughts and your life. This is your opportunity to find and heal the core issues that are ultimately getting in the way of your happiness.

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Dr. Landrith has helped his clients;

~ Attract their soulmate

~ Live life without PTSD

~ Find new jobs

~ Overcome fear

~ Release anxiety

~ Discover new careers

~ Create abundance

~ Gain confidence

~ Increase sales

~ Enhance athletic performance

~ Fall asleep and stay asleep

~ Decrease Pain

~ Reframe traumatic experiences

- Stage Fright

- Performance anxiety


Dr. Landrith will teach you how to get into a “Runner’s High” in ten minutes, so you can increase endorphins and get into the “zone” for peak performance. When you are in the “zone” you can do many things, find the person of your dreams, make that big sale, give the presentation that knocks everyone off their feet, connect with your audience when you’re on stage, or land that job interview. He will help you retrain your brain and get rid of any and all limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that keep you from living a blissful life. It’s time to recharge and take charge of your happiness.

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One-to-one coaching sessions are done in person and over the phone. There are three packages available.

10 sessions - $600
5 sessions - $325
1 session - $75