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Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Depression & Ptsd

Live Worry Free

Garland Landrith

Psychologist, Speaker, Quantum Therapist, and Tapping Guru

Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Depression & Ptsd

Dr Landrith gives an incredibly inspiring keynote and combines his knowledge of quantum physics with practical, hands-on techniques to assist artists on how to get in the zone before a performance, how to reduce performance anxiety, how to enhance connection with the audience, and how to release song writing blocks. He was very well received at our event, and I would recommend him highly for anyone trying to achieve their best.

Richard Mekdeci founder of EmPower Music and Arts - EmPower Music & Arts, “Posi Festival" (Positive Music)

Say Goodbye To Anxiety, Depression & PTSD is a monumental seminar for anyone suffering from anxiety and worry, depression or PTSD.

After experiencing the pandemic, few people feel safe anymore. Research has found that 30% of all teenage females in the USA, have thoughts of suicide. This is unconscionable and proves that we have few solutions as to how to handle this epidemic. A lot of people who suffer from depression are not aware they have anxiety that is actually the cause of their depression.

Brain scans show the fear/stress sections of the brain dominate over the love part of the brain.

Dr. Landrith teaches how to calm down the parts of the brain that create worry and anxiety, so you can get into the Love Flow. He helps you navigate the mind field of constant worry that many of us feel. By guiding you through unique science based techniques that actually work, you will find a safe haven in this crazy world of turmoil and finally find peace.

What Would It Feel Like to Live Without Stress and Worry?

Imagine finally letting go of years and years of stress and anxiety. What would it be like to do the things that have been holding you back? So many of us haven’t followed that dream, or done that thing we’ve fantasized about, because anxiety and fear are holding us back. In this seminar, you will learn how to break through the old programs and free yourself from a life of worry and anxiety. Learn how to step into the Love Flow and move forward with ease.

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What if You Had a Tool That Helped You Get Rid of Depression?

Before we can fully experience love, we must first heal our worrying and depression. A majority of our depression comes from early childhood trauma or not getting the love we needed.

Dr. Landirith teaches how to use the unique quantum EFT, “tapping” to calm down the fear part of the brain. He combines tapping with other modalities like Heart Math, inner childhood work, and breath work, to actually love and dissolve your fear. Anxiety is one of the programs that rule people who live with depression. After calming the brain and toning down the anxiety, Dr. Landrith guides you into the love flow, which reduces depression. You will learn tools that you can use on your own for the rest of your life.

“I have interviewed thousands of people in my career, and you are really the only one who has keyed into the idea of blocks and how they hold us back from higher states of consciousness. You have a grasp and understanding of this that is really refreshing. It is remarkable what you are doing.”

George Noory, Talk Show Host Coast to Coast AM - Quoted from live show

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Imagine Living a Life Without Ptsd & Trauma

Many of us have negative thoughts and PTSD because of negative things we have experienced in our lives. As time goes on, we find that little things become triggers and push our buttons. These triggers are a result of unresolved trauma. Being haunted by negative thoughts in the back of our minds causes tension that can be paralyzing. In this seminar, Dr. Landrith teaches how to reframe our negative experiences, shift our consciousness, and get into a state of Fearless Love. He gives you the tools to retrain the brain and create a new brain matrix.

Dr. Landrith has trained over 2,000 therapists how to heal PTSD. He was also invited to the Fort Carson US Army Base to train and work with their therapists on this topic.

These Techniques Work

This approach works as over 30 published scientific studies have found that EFT significantly reduces worries, depression, PTSD and anxiety. In one study done at Harvard, concluded that EFT was 50% more effective than any drug out there for reducing anxiety and depression. Their research also found that EFT significantly improved functioning in the part of the brain that causes PTSD (amygdala).

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Consider this Seminar If….

You want to free yourself from a worrying all the time

You suffer from PTSD and trauma

You feel depressed and life has lost it's meaning

It's time you get over the fear that holds you back from doing what you want

You have a desire to control things because of your anxiety

You don't feel safe in different scenarios

Chronic anxiety or depression is ruling your life

It's time to stop overreacting to little things and being triggered

You can't achieve your goals due to procrastination

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Once You Tap Into the Love Flow, Life Only Gets Better

1. Transform obstacles into opportunities

2. Dump the old scripts and self sabotage

3. Upgrade your brain matrix and create a brand new you

4. Attract the future you’ve been waiting for

5. Create the life of your dreams

6. Attract the soulmate you’ve been dreaming about

Become the Person You Were Meant to Be