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Wholesale program for DVDs and CDs from Dr. Garland Landrith

I'm very excited to offer my DVDs and CDs at a wholesale price so that people who are healers have an opportunity to use these tools to help their clients. I have been blessed by teaching well over 1000 healers in my classes. And as a healer myself I know the value of follow-up work as a vehicle to help our clients heal quicker and with less stress. So providing tools for our clients to work with at home can make their progress even more permanent. In fact I consider working at home to be just as important for one's growth as the work we do together.

However my experience has taught me that most of my clients do not want to work on negative issues at home. They have the stress of their work and home to deal with and so the last thing in the world they want to do is work on their issues. That is why the positive approach that I take with my DVDs and CDs is such a Godsend because people find doing them at home enjoyable and helps to relieve the stress of the day. Who would not want to get a 'natural feel good high' before they go to work which enables them to feel invincible from the stress of life. But there are also benefits to us as healers if we can get our clients to do tapping or meditation at home. That's because if they do these procedures at home they will continue to grow new brain pathways which will in turn dramatically enhance the healing that they achieve by working with us. Also just doing these techniques in a positive way also changes the brain pathways which are been holding our clients back. So the benefits of using these tools with our clients are huge!

Having had well over 1000 individual clients I have found that unless my clients have something concrete to follow along with, they will not tap at home. They need the comfort and safety of something they can listen to that will give them what they need in terms of relaxation and energy. The biggest problem everyone has with tapping is knowing what to say and think while they are doing the tapping process. My DVD solves this problem. All they have to do is turn it on and follow along. If they attempting to do tapping while worrying about the right words to use, it becomes a challenge and can be even more stressful. And of course adding more stress is not what we want to achieve.

My experience has been that almost every one of my clients will buy a DVD, once they learn the value of doing it at home and how it will help them with their healing. So you who are Therapists or Reiki or Massage healers, will find it very easy to persuade your clients to get the DVD and use it at home. And likewise for those of you that give talks or group sessions, will find it very easy to get members attending your group to purchase them as well.

I know many of you who are healers, struggle with your finances so that you can help others in this world. What I'm proposing is a way to supplement your income by having a constant income stream of sales of my DVDs and CDs. It is interesting how many who are called to heal also seem to have problems making ends meet financially.

What makes my DVDs and CDs unique is the positive emphasis that is used in these products. One of the fears that we all have as a healer, is that our clients may get re-triggered at home. Because these DVDs and CDs are positively oriented, there is virtually no chance of that happening. I am sure that we all know that positive tapping alone will not heal very well unless it's done in conjunction with the negative tapping. So the more deeper and negative clearing work that you do with your clients enhances the positive tapping that they will do at home. I cannot tell you how invaluable my DVD and CDs have been with helping me permanently cure people from their old traumas.

As we all know most of our clients need energy and positive upliftment because their issues are holding them back. In addition most suffer from anxiety and do not know how to really relax. What my DVD does is teach them not only how to get their energy back but also how to relax and reduce anxiety in a fun way. And the beauty of this is that it is done in a way so as to almost totally reduce the possibility of being re-triggered.

Let me summarize the benefits of this program:

  1. gives you a constant income stream to help support your practice so you can help others
  2. gives your clients a totally positive way to continue your work at home
  3. helps your clients become more regular with tapping which improves healing
  4. gives your clients easy to use tools to use at home to enhance energy and become more relaxed
  5. empowers your clients to feel that they are actively involved in their own healing
  6. your clients don't have to worry about what to say or do when they tap
  7. enhances your success as a healer bringing in more clients by word-of-mouth praise

Program Specifics:

There are two ways you can participate in this program. First of all we recently created an affiliate program where you can have your clients select a link on your website to purchase CDs and DVDs. All you would need to do is simply post a link on your website that would connect him with my website. This then creates a cookie so that every time they come to my website and buy something it would be credited to you. That in turn will give you 40% of whatever your clients buy on my website. The affiliate program is really only useful though if you have a rather large mailing list and are constantly increasing its size by doing more seminars and lectures. Hence for most of you that would not work very well.

However the second way you can participate is through a wholesale program where you can buy my DVDs and CDs at a 40% discount. You would purchase either 10 to 20 DVDs at this reduced rate and then sell them to your clients and people who attend your seminars and lectures. (By the way I should mention that the 60/40 split that we are referring to here is a common percentage done on almost all these kinds of interactions). Having done well over 350 seminars, I have found that most people buy DVDs and CDs as an impulse kind of thing. So they want to purchase them right here and now. If they have to go to website then you will lose a lot of those sales. But if you have the CDs and DVDs right there, they will buy them there on the spot. So what I have done is modify the affiliate program so that those of you who work individually with clients can also have the benefits of an affiliate program. By that I mean you would buy 10 to 20 DVDs at one time, and then in turn sell them to your clients on a 1 to 1 basis. This will bring you a constant income stream to help support your practice. For instance if you just sold two DVDs a week, that would bring you an extra thousand dollars a year. And selling two DVDs a week is a very easy thing to do.

People love buying things in my seminars and likewise my private clients like the idea that they can take home the work that I do with them. And as an added bonus, by buying a DVD it helps enhance your clients commitment to working with you because they are participating in their own healing.

This plan is very simple and gives you a 40% split in the cost of the DVDs. Since the DVD price before shipping is $25 that means you buy each DVD for $15 apiece plus shipping. Since on my website the price of the DVD is nearly $30, you can in turn sell these DVDs for either 25 or $30. To make things simple there will be three levels for you to choose from, a 10 or 15 or 20 piece order. The shipping price of $16 will be same no matter which level you choose. These will be sent to you priority mail along with a way to track them. So if you get the 20 DVD order then your shipping cost will only average about$.80 for each DVD. Because you can sell these DVDs anywhere from $25-$30 this will mean that you can profit upwards of $14 for each DVD that you sell.

As to the CDs there'll be a similar pattern with them as well. They sell for $15 +2 dollars for shipping on my website and that would mean that you pay nine dollars for each CD. I will have to charge you about a dollar apiece shipping charge for each CD you buy, with a minimum order of 10 at a time. My two suggestions that will generate the most sales for you are 1) Held in the Arms of God, and 2) the CD version of Tap into Bliss. Held in the Arms of God will teach your client how to let go and also give them a feeling of connection and love. They will get a feeling of being held at night by God while they're going to sleep. This is especially healing for those people who are single, as this gives them a tactile sensation of being held that will help alleviate some of their aloneness and make their life much richer because we all need a sense of love in our life. The CD version of Tap into Bliss is very useful tool for those who want to tap at work or only have CD players. That way they can tap along and not have to worry about what words to say while they are tapping. So I feel those two CDs would work out the best as a way to round out your purchases. It is very common for people to buy 2 or 3 items at the same time, so it is useful to have several options around.

In fact I am so confident that this will work for you, that should you not be able to sell these DVDs or CDs that you purchase on this program, I will happily buy them back from you if you ship them back to me. The only restrictions are that the plastic covering is not opened and it is within 9 months of purchase. So you cannot lose.

I am excited about supporting your healing practice by offering my CDs and DVDs at this reduced rate. If you have any question please do not hesitate to call me...

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