Garland Landrith Ph.D.
Psychologist, Health and Addiction Advisor, Spiritual Life Coach


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This CD contains what is called the heart meditation which is has a Vedic tradition but is also similar to techniques from Heartmath. However what makes this CD unique is that it has a guided imagery section that helps one reduce the negative impact of thoughts. Out of the thousands of people that Dr. Landrith has taught meditation too, the most difficult problem he has encountered has been what to do about thoughts. In this CD you will learn that thoughts are actually friends along the path and if we try to push them out, all we are doing is creating another thought. So instead this CD will teach you how to flow with the thoughts so that they no longer become a problem. After listening to the guided imagery section there is a section where we meditate in silence. And then coming out of meditation we come out very gently to Vedic Chants which very gradually get louder and louder. That way we are not jerked out of mediation. And incase we have fallen asleep we are gradually woken up so we do not miss work. At the very end of the CD is 20 minutes of traditional Vedic Chants that were cognized in deep caves in India thousands of years ago by those meditating in deep silence. These chants are reported by the Vedic Pundits to be the actual laws of nature that structure this universe. Interesting enough today Quantum Physics talks about virtual wave functions that are the structures of the universe, which very much parallel the idea expressed by the Vedic Chants that songs or vibrations are the actual laws of nature.
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