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Psychologist, Health and Addiction Advisor, Spiritual Life Coach

The Same Force That Created The Universe Lies Within Us, so Healing is Just Remembering the Wisdom That Our Soul Already Knows

In the 25 years Dr. Landrith has been doing Life Coaching, what he has discovered is that most people intellectually know what things are holding them back, but are unable to do very little about them. Like a record that has a scratch in it, we seem to be able to only go so far and then we keep repeating negative patterns over and over again. Scientists now know that these blocks to our growth are caused by old brain pathways that were formed to protect us from the pain and stress of growing up. Unfortunately analyzing problems with our mind or using positive thinking (although helpful), does very little to change this old electrical wiring in our brains. So we need a way to actually change this old wiring so we can transform the negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Lucky for us the technology now exists to not only heal the old brain pathways that have held us back, but also lead us to a life far beyond anything we could have dreamed possible. We all have heard of acupuncture as way to enhance the flow of electrical energy in our body. But what would happen if we combine acupuncture with psychology, could it change the old brain pathways in our brain? We now can answer that question with a resounding YES! Dr. Landrith uses a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which uses our fingers to Tap on Acupuncture points. So no needles just our fingers! What this procedure does is teach you how to change the energy blocks in your mind by Tapping on specific acupuncture points in your body.

EFT: Using Your Body Energies To Heal Your Mind & Emotions

This cutting edge technology is based on Gary Craig’s groundbreaking Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which basically combines Acupuncture with Psychology. EFT has shown remarkable healing results with psychological problems, even with traumas or pain that have resisted years of therapy or energy work. In fact Dr Landrith was even invited to Fort Carson Military Base to teach the Psychologists and therapists about how to use these techniques to help heal our soldiers from the psychological wounds of war. In addition these same types of Techniques were demonstrated on the ‘ABC Television’s The View’ and cable Television’s ‘The Learning Channel’.

Modern science explains that our whole physical system is governed by the flow of electrical energy within our body. According to acupuncture theory, when there is a block in the energy flow, it creates a corresponding effect in our body that in turn creates disease or pain. In theory this makes a lot of sense because scientists today are finding all sorts of mind -- body connections that seem to indicate that negative emotions can actually cause all kinds of physical problems. In essence what is being proposed here is that there is mind, emotional and body connection that can be healed, simply by getting rid of the blocks to the flow of energy in our body.

Here is a very common example of this process. When Dr. Landrith gave a seminar in Carson City Nevada about 5 years ago, he worked on a person from the audience who was suffering from Arthritis. The man in the audience said the pain was so bad that he could not sleep for the past 3 days. Dr Landrith tapped his pain from about an intensity of 10 down to about a 5. And then asked him if there was anything in his childhood that was negatively associated with pain. And the man responded that his Dad used to make fun of him when he hurt himself as a child. So Dr Landrith tapped out those negative experiences from childhood and then tapped in some positive affirmations to replace the negative experiences. And after tapping for about 25 minutes, interestingly enough the mans arthritis pain had completely gone away. When Dr Landrith came back a year later his pain still was completely gone. So simply by tapping on childhood experiences we were able to completely cure the arthritis in his body. This mind-blowing phenomenon goes on all the time in Dr Landrith’s seminars as well as in his private practice. It boggles the mind that simply by addressing an old childhood emotional situation, we were then able to heal a chronic body situation.

(For a more complete discussion Dr. Landrith has written a paper called 'Healing Pathways to Love').

Dr Landrith in his private practice specializes in removing blocks that have resisted healing as most of his clients have already seen other healers before (i.e. psychologists, energy healers etc). Among the blocks that he specializes in are such things as:

  • Chronic anxiety and depression
  • Self-confidence issues
  • Love relationships issues including attracting the wrong kind of person again and again
  • Job interviews and performance
  • Rapes, war trauma and accidents
  • Not being wanted or ignored by ones parents (one of the worst traumas)
  • Premature birth (isolation from parents when a baby) or adoption: especially as a reason why love relationships do not work out
  • Parental and sibling rejection
  • Sexual abuse including ones that have no memories
  • Performance anxiety including fear of public speaking, etc
  • Addictions including: smoking, drugs, food, shopping etc.

Expanding EFT: Enhancing Positive Thoughts through our Body Energies:

If tapping on acupuncture points produces such amazing results on negative problems, just imagine what might happen if you use those same body energies for positive purposes? Dr. Landrith’s approach is ‘unique’ from most other EFT/Tapping approaches because it is oriented around Using Tapping For Positive Purposes. He calls his techniques Quantum Tapping because they involve using Positive Affirmations, Prayers and Manifestation as part of his healing protocol. By Quantum he means the field that Physics has discovered that seems to be the ultimate creative force of the universe. It has properties that seem to be beyond the time/space limitations that our universe operates under. Research on Consciousness including some of Dr Landrith’s research, seems to be finding similar amazing results.

Scientists for hundreds of years have found that positive thoughts/affirmations can greatly improve the quality of our life. However we all know that often times our positive thoughts are not as productive as we would want. So by combining tapping on acupuncture points along with positive thoughts, we are stimulating the energy in our body as a way to add more power to our thoughts. This simple procedure then is the secret to enhancing the power of our thoughts so that we start to live the Life of our Dreams.

Dr Landrith reports: "I have taught nearly 14,000 people this ‘unique positive approach’ to tapping, both in the seminars that I teach and in the phone consultations that I have with clients all over the world. What I have found is that Tapping on Positive Affirmations not only makes you feel great but most of my clients also report an improvement in their performance. Especially if they tap on positive affirmations right before they give a lecture, go to a job interview, make a sales call or it can even improve their ability to hit a golf ball straight! It can also enhance ones love life as my clients have tried tapping before marital relations and have found incredible results…. So much so that many of them ended up going on second honeymoons! They especially get these amazing effects if they have attended my seminars or have obtained my DVD

Dr landrith also trains his clients on how to Manifest the Life of their Dreams by combining Tapping along with the Quantum Field Technology. Included are such things as:

  • Job creation and improvement in production
  • How to get in ‘The Zone’ so you are always at your best
  • How to pray and manifest more effectively
  • How to learn to let go of things that constantly bother you
  • Change situations (i.e. relationships etc) or outcomes thru surrogate tapping or tapping for others
  • Quantum Forgiveness or where we learn to release being a victim on a Quantum Level
  • Improvement in performance in the arts and sports

By tapping on these points what you do is clear out all the blocks, so that the energy flows in such a way that we feel like we are on top of the world or what is commonly termed "being in a zone.

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