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I have been teaching Manifestation Classes of one type or another for over 30 years and have taught over 20,000 people to create the life of their Dreams. This CD is the first time I have put my procedures in a CD form so that people can follow along. I have had incredible results from those who practice the procedures taught here including: people getting jobs when there are no jobs, being healed from genetic diseases which are not supposed to be healed, having success with a new business, and live a life which radiates blissful energy without stress and depression. So I know what we are teaching here works big time! This CD has the most cutting-edge technology available on how to create miracles with your thoughts and intentions. We have even proved this scientifically! Those of you who saw movie "What the Bleep" know that they talked about my research in the movie. In the movie we demonstrated that this technology worked by taking 4000 Transcendental Meditators into Wash DC and lowered the crime rates thru meditation alone. I have used this technology to reduce crime and automobile accidents and even suicides and my research has been published in main stream journals. So what I am teaching will not only work but transform your life!

In this CD we combine three of the most powerful life transforming techniques for self development that I've ever seen. This includes Ho'oponopono, Tapping on acupuncture points with one's fingers (EFT), as well as Heartmath. In addition, we are going to give this cutting-edge technology a Quantum twist. We’ve put all these techniques into one beautiful package that is very easy to do and will transform your life if done on a regular basis.

One thing I have found though is that people get more results when they have something they can follow along with. So This CD will allow you to easily follow along so you do not have to worry about what words to say or think. This way we shut down the analytical part of your mind which allows you to drift into your subconscious so you can more easily release the blocks that are holding you back. This CD is also best used with my DVD Tap Into Bliss, as it will help prepare you for doing the exercises with this CD. Also my CD, 'Held In the Arms of God' was created to be the sister to this CD as its orientation is one based on Gratitude. Being in the state of Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to manifest. So by alternating these two CDs, your ability to Manifest your Dreams is greatly enhanced.

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We all know that positive thoughts work! But often they don't work as well as we want them to. So the first technique that this CD offers is to combine positive thoughts and intentions with tapping on the Acupuncture Points with ones fingers. What this does is utilize body energies to support our intentions as a way to supercharge our ability to Manifest. Remember tapping is not the same as acupuncture because we combine it with thoughts, words, memories and feelings. By merging positive thoughts/intentions and Tapping together this dramatically enhances the effectiveness of your ability to manifest. In fact this technique is so powerful that when we used it with the Dallas Peace Project we were able to reduce crimes by over 25 percent on average for over 3 years.

Physics tells us that The quantum field is the ultimate creative force of the whole universe. Since Science has proven that our consciousness is Quantum based, then why not use this force to help us manifest our intentions. That is precisely what this CD will help you do. If people can use this Quantum Flow as a vehicle to change something like crime rates than it most certainly can also be used to Manifest Your Dreams.

But here is the secret behind all the secrets of Manifestation... If you want to manifest the life of your dreams one must release ones intentions into a kind of Quantum Flow. Yes I said let the intention go. So what are going to teach you is how to let go into the Quantum Field as a springboard to support our intentions.

So what is this Quantum Flow? Well this brings us to Heartmath because they have a technique that can get one into a Quantum Flow within a minute. They call this unique state of consciousness Brain Wave Coherence. Brain coherence is where all the different parts of the brain line up in the same brainwave pattern. Normally the different parts of the brain have totally different brain wave patterns. But during coherence they all have the same brain wave patterns and seemed to communicate with each other in an improved fashion. For instance Studies have found that brain coherence is related to greater IQ and creativity, faster reaction time, improved grades in school, and all kinds of performance related parameters. Because the different parts of the brain are working together in an improved fashion, many consider this a unique state of higher consciousness.

Which brings us to Ho'oponopono.

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Recently such famous self help doctors like Deepok Chopra and Bruce Lipton have stated that most of the blocks are actually in our subconscious. The reason why the subconscious is so important is that most of us already know what our problems are but keep making the same mistakes over and over again. This is due to old brain pathways that have not been healed and hence are holding us back. So we use Ho'oponopono as a vehicle to help clean the sub-consciousness doubts that are holding us back. Ho'oponopono takes the position that it is our own limiting thoughts about ourselves that is holding us back, so proposes a set of phrases to get us to love and release that part of us that blocks our ability to manifest.

So what we have seen so far is that Tapping Helps us release blocks by using acupuncture meridian points which in turn allows our intentions to become more powerful. Heartmath expands this process by giving us a technique to get us into the Brain Wave Coherence or what I call the Quantum Flow. And Ho'oponopono uses this flow as a way to clear out the subconscious doubts and blocks that are holding us back.

The beautiful thing about the techniques that we will be using is that you can get into this coherent state within 1 min. Yes I said it only takes a minute. So you do not have to train and become an expert meditator in order to achieve this higher state of consciousness. Of course love is the main ingredient that will enable us to get into this higher state of consciousness. And since love is universal it will not conflict with anyone's belief

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So what you're going to learn in this CD is how to transform negative blocks in your subconscious into positive ones by using a kind of loving meditative flow. So this loving meditative flow will be supporting and releasing your intentions into your subconscious so that they are more likely to bear fruit.

One of the fundamental laws of the universe is that one has to give in order to receive. In this CD we use this principle to help us manifest more effectively. So instead of asking for something, what we do when we manifest is simply to send love to whatever it is we want to manifest. This has the effect of putting us in the attitude of giving rather than of wanting. Remember when we want something, what we are really attracting is lack because we don't have what we want. When we're sending love to what we want, this puts us in the state of abundance. This CD teaches you how to manifest using this principle of Giving rather than of wanting. This approach is fundamentally different than almost every other procedure out there for Manifesting your Dreams.

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One of the best times to manifest is right before you go to bed because sleep enhances our ability to get our intentions into our subconscious. So we actually have 2 manifestation techniques on this CD, one to do during the day and another to do at night while we are in bed.

This CD is a loose collaboration with Joe Vitale, one of the stars of the movie THE SECRET, who is primarily responsible for bringing out the wisdom of Ho'oponopono into the western world by writing the book Zero Limits. We are in the process of doing a DVD together called Quantum Ho'oponopono which will be directly demonstrating this entire procedure and is highly recommended to supplement this CD.

Remember This CD was meant to be matched with my new CD on Held in the Arms of God or with my tapping DVD entitled Tap Into Bliss. The Manifestation CD sends love to what you want to Manifest while the Held In the Arms of God emphasis all the gifts that are in your life. Since each of these CDs is entirely different in the flow and execution of manifestation, I very much suggest doing each of them several days a week if you are really serious about manifestation. In fact I made them in such a way so they would complement each other so they could be used on different days. Start doing both these CDs on a regular basis and your life will be transformed!

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