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In this CD you will be doing the same technique of meditation that has given me some of my most profound experiences that I've ever had during meditation. For Instance I have had people write me that when they do this technique they now periodically experience waves of energy and love that create ecstasy in every cell of their body. But even more they noticed that they no longer felt alone when they were sleeping at night. They had this feeling of being completely safe and at peace. As a result they find that their sleep is dramatically enhanced and after waking up the next day they feel better than ever before. They report that they have a better bounce to their step and glow in their face. And as a nice side effect many notice spontaneous healings while doing this technique...including healing problems that have plagued them for years!

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So It is now time for me to make a confession! For the past three years I've been experimenting with using the heart meditation that I have been teaching all these years by combining it with heartmath and some guided imagery using Gratitude and Love (including some phrases from Ho'oponopono). What I found was that when I combined these things in a specific way it created a much more profound experience when I was meditating. Then by accident I found that when I did this technique in bed before falling asleep, I would have this incredible experience of being held in the arms of God. At times this experience was overwhelming on many different levels but what blew me away was that I actually experienced that I was being held by God.

I call this technique Embraced by God! The reason for this is because you will not only literally feel as if you are gaining union with God but also that that you are held in Gods arms! Hence this CD will Expand Greatly what I have taught in my past classes to well over 20,000 people mostly from Unity and Science of Mind churches throughout the United States.

Many of you know that I teach heart meditation as a regular part of my seminars as well as in the church services I do. As an experiment I even tried this new meditation being 'Held in the Arms of God' with the whole congregation of those attending church services at Unity and Science of Mind churches. I wanted to see if the congregation could also the same profound experiences that I was. After the service was over with I was amazed how many people came up to me and told me that they had experienced being held in the arms of God. Many of them told me that it was the best Church Meditation they had ever experienced. So I knew that I could translate what I was experiencing into one that could benefit everyone.

What this technique does is allow people to feel that they are not going to bed totally alone but rather that they are being held by God while starting to fall asleep. The feeling of being held makes a huge difference especially when one is alone without a partner in life! And if one has a partner, it is also great to do this technique along with your partner while falling asleep. In a sense it is like a group meditation while being embraced by God which brings a whole new experience of intimacy to your relationship.

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Out of the thousands of people that Dr. Landrith has taught meditation too, the most difficult problem people say they have with mediation is what to do about thoughts. This CD also has several techniques to help you deal with excessive thoughts during our meditations. In fact these techniques for dealing with thoughts are so effective that I get emails all the time from people who tell me that this CD is the smoothest meditation technique that they have ever done. Many have never been able to successfully meditate until they learned these techniques.

I should point out that on many scales the amount of meditation I have done in my life would qualify me as an extremely experienced meditator if not an expert. I have been meditating at least twice a day for over 30 years of my life. In addition I have been on many long meditation courses where I have been meditating over 10 hours a day for approximately 2 years of my life. Yes that means the equivalent of two full years where I was meditating 10 hours a day at a meditation course. In addition I have taught close to 20,000 people how to meditate.

I'm extremely excited about sharing these techniques with you to help you expand your consciousness the same way it is helped me. Those of you bought my meditation CD before will find that this CD greatly expands what we did in the previous CD. But at the same time we kept some of the best parts of that CD most especially the Vedic Chants. Also we expanded the guided imagery section in the prior mediation CD to include experiencing the whole universe before arriving at ones heart. Many people have reported that this change dramatically enhances their experiences during meditation. There is also 3 meditation techniques on this CD, one for during the day and one in the evening while you are in bed before sleep, and a separate Chapter for Vedic Chants. I also use the day technique in the morning when I wake up as well as in the afternoon after a hard day of work. But as a special treat I also do the night technique before I go to bed so I can experience this union while falling asleep.

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Also in this CD is 8 minutes of traditional Vedic Chants that were cognized in deep caves in India thousands of years ago by those meditating in deep silence. These chants are reported by the Vedic Pundits to be the actual laws of nature that structure this universe. Interesting enough today Quantum Physics talks about virtual wave functions that are the structures of the universe, which very much parallel the idea expressed by the Vedic Chants that songs or vibrations are the actual laws of nature.

This CD was meant to be matched with my new CD on How To Manifest Your Dreams or with my tapping DVD entitled Tap Into Bliss. This CD is more oriented around gratitude and hence is a great supplement to the Manifestation CD. The Manifestation CD sends love to what you want to Manifest while the Held In the Arms of God emphasis all the gifts that are in your life. As I have pointed out in all my classes, you should spend some time in Gratitude at least 2 times a week. After all being in the state of Gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for. In addition when one is in the state of Gratitude one is also owning what one is manifesting. Since each of these CDs is entirely different in the flow and execution of manifestation, I very much suggest doing each of them several days a week. In fact I made them in such a way so they would complement each other so they could be used on different days. Start doing both these CDs on a regular basis and your life will be transformed!

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