Garland Landrith Ph.D.
Psychologist, Health and Addiction Advisor, Spiritual Life Coach
The Same Force that Created the Galaxies and Stars, Lies Within Us ...
... thus Healing or Growth is just a process of 'Remembering'
all the Wisdom that our Soul already knows.
I wanted to share with you a profound experience I had yesterday during the last meditation on manifestation. You took us into the quantum space and the deep heart breathing. Then you instructed us to imagine someone we loved very much. I thought of my son which easily evokes deep sensations of heartfelt love. I then took this deep sense of love that I felt for my son and turn it inward on myself. Within seconds, almost immediately, my entire body heated up. I felt a tingling sensation sweep thru my entire body and I could feel myself being enveloped by a soft gentle light that was permeating from the inside out. Then I felt the deepest, most powerful sense of unconditional Love for myself, for the first time ever. I was also blanketed with such profound feelings of peace, joy and gratitude that tears began to spontaneously trickle down my cheeks. I literally became the embodiment of Love, Gratitude, Peace, and Joy.

I basked in this state for the remainder of the meditation. In fact, when the meditation ended, I could not keep my eyes open even tho I tried. I could hear people talking, but I knew that I could not speak. I needed to fully integrate this amazing sensation of self-realization first. It was the most significant transcendent experience I've ever had, and I've had quite a few over the past 15 years.

I know that I touch the Truth of who I am which is Love. And finally I feel like I have at least begun to heal myself in a very authentic way. And I can continue to heal simply by repeating these techniques and recalling this experience. And I also know that I cannot fully be the expression of love that the world so desperately needs without this real and complete sense of self-love and acceptance. Which is exactly what my instincts to turn the love inward were telling me. Also, I now know that I cannot manifest at my highest potential if I don't fully love myself.

I really felt the need to share this experience with you. As I mentioned, I will be attending the 2nd session tomorrow evening. I would be glad to give you a testimonial if you'd like.

With much heartfelt gratitude, love and joy,

Marianna Fisher, ND, MAc

Dear Dr. Landrith, I want to thank you for teaching me your amazing techniques. I take my "tools" very seriously. I suffered from PTSD for many years as a result of an abusive childhood. I spent countless hours with doctors working endlessly on curing my physical and emotional pain. I had chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I still suffer from arthritis, anxiety and depression. But Now I am sure that It will go away. I am confident that our techniques will work. They have already begun. I use tapping and meditation and pray three times a day now... Amazing results. I am exhausted, but I feel so light and free. Thank you again... Love to you Doctor
...KD (the woman whom you healed on the stage during the Seminar at the Church)

Thank you Garland. I loved your Seminar and Yes, indeed I feel no trigger today when I think of the past. OMG! For the first time I am free of this old stuff that has been following me around forever. I feel awesome and free. So much more energy. I know I can manifest Anything now!. You are a genius in your field. You have no idea how much gratitude I feel for your help. thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sara Alavi,E-500 hr. CYT,RYT,BS. Yoga Instructor and Healer

AS FOR TAPPING, with your 2 days seminar on Manifestation, I DID begin to use it and I am absolutely AMAZED at the results!! If you remember, I have not been able to get established here yet - officiating weddings that gives additional income. However now not only have I booked a number of weddings - (TWO tomorrow) strange checks have come in!! My mortgage co. returned almost $500. - I got a small residual checks for movies showing in Europe - a check for a books sold, maybe a few other things... I am Manifesting all the time now. I MUST SAY that it all began with that $100. YOU GAVE me for doing the camera work! I REALLY THANK YOU for bringing this technique into my life! It really works!!! GRAND BLESSINGS and LOVE!!
Ann Palmer Unity of Mesa

I attended the class you held at the Unity Church in Orlando recently. I bought HELD IN THE ARMS OF GOD and have developed a routine where I practice EFT twice every day. I feel like the program has really helped me.
DM Unity of Orlando






"Healing Pathways to the Love of Your Dreams”
Reading your paper awakened me to other healing methods on how to deal with the tension, stress and depression I was feeling from an upcoming invasive medical tests and possible surgery. I learned the early traumas in my life could be addressed with your approach to mind, body and spirit healing with added nutrients to enhance natural feel good brain chemistry, along with daily meditation. I embarked on this program and was pleased with the rapid results. By the time I had the medical tests, they came out so good I didn’t have to have the surgery after all! Thank you for being there for me.
Carol in Washington

I really enjoyed your workshop and I have been tapping ever since. I can see a big improvement in my moods and how I am not affected by other people the way I used to be. Thanks
Mylene in Oklahoma City

In just a week, I have noticed a sense of calmness, improved clarity of thinking and the ability to be more productive in going about my daily activities. Thoughts come up which are the exact guidance that I needed to become more productive with my time I just feel a stronger sense of internal peace of mind. Thank you.
David in Overland Park

Private Session
Since our first tapping session, my back is much better, and I have been feeling much better. Then, last week I received the good news about the cyst on my ovary shrinking. Looking forward to our next session,
Lisa in Florida

I was a student who met you in Daytona Beach and then followed up in Melbourne and you gave us each a CD as part of our packet and I want to say a million billion thanks for doing this. I have enjoyed listening to it many times and have copied it and given it away, as I feel if people hear this they will loose the fear that so many have about leaving this earth plane when our journey is complete. I am 81 years young and plan to stay around for a while to help share all the beautiful knowledge that I have been given through the last 20 years. Blessings!
Rose in Florida

Thank you for your help with the check. I'm tapping on prosperity and it is working. Thanks for the report and last Sunday.
JCC in Greenwich

Tap Into Bliss DVD
Your DVD is GREAT! LOVED IT! GOOD JOB! HIGH FIVE! I had my cholesterol checked and it is 222. They want it 200 or below. My triglycerides are 168 and they want that 150 or below so I'm working on that now. They don't want to put me on anything yet. Just diet, lose some weight, exercise and take fish oil…since I have been tapping again more frequently I notice my weight is dropping again. It's a good thing. I'm also starting to tap on certain feelings that come up now and I'm getting results from that too and I love tapping to the DVD.
Donna in Missiouri

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend your classes this past week at Unity Church in Ft. Collins. I benefitted from the class and both my husband and I are experiencing results with the quantum tapping. I use EFT in my practice, and your class came at a very timely time (imagine that), as I have had a client with extreme anxiety and now I have more tools to use with her. She also likes the tapping and finally feels that there is hope for her life. Thank you for sharing with us. I also love the heart meditation and I truly feel hopeful myself for my past attempts at meditation have left me with little desire to continue. But I already feel more attracted to this technique and I love-having permission to have my thoughts. They definitely were a stress for me. So again many thanks, blessings.
Mary, Colorado

"Healing Pathways to Love” Paper
Thanks for sending your paper "Healing Pathways to Love". I enjoyed it as it pulled together some of the information I had heard about from other healers such as the tapping on accupunture points and healing the brain from childhood trauma. It inspired me to get back to meditation and to summon love back into my life. Though I suffered early physical abuse from an older sibling, I was fortunate to feel loved by my parents who had to spread it among the six of us children. Anyway, it has always been easy for me to love and trust. After learning my lifelong partner had been unfaithful and had fallen in love with someone else, I had to grieve that relationship before I could feel ready to move on and find intimacy again.

Perhaps you were not seeking such a personal reaction to your paper, but it did have a very personal effect on me. I have been blessed in finding what I needed to make a life for myself, but feel that something is missing without the love and intimacy I shared for so many years. I plan to use my meditation to lead me to the person that is meant for me.

Please let me know when you return to this area, so that I may hear you speak again. Bless you for the work you do in healing... it is such a noble calling.
Elaine, Grapevine texas
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